Day 3, Memorial Tour

Last night was our final night in Ypres so we decided to visit the Ypra Inn to sample to local Pils. And cider. And perry.  And wine…


Morning dawned, very very foggy. We took a short bypass into Ypres city centre for Artisan Bread and a few pics of the cathedral. FB_IMG_1491243239485.jpg

From Ypres, we took the quick route to Mons, stopping at the Passchedale Museum on the way. An emmer site museum, demonstrating the scale of the trench warfare, had more than one of us in tears. The museum has miles and miles of different trench types, dugouts and shelters, designed to be as realistic as possible.


From Passchedale, we travelled to Mons, following the  St Symphorien route. Our camping spot was a little outside of Mons, a gorgeous spot by the river Tyberchamps. Our last night in Belgium looks set to be warm, sunny and peaceful.


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