Dutch Oven BBQ Chicken Parcels

You can make these beauties before hand and cook them straight on the coals if you prefer. This recipe is for an 8l Dutch Oven (we used also used a 4l on top because we had 9 to cook)


Layer veggies in a foil parcel (cherry tomatoes, baby corn, mange tout, courgettes, peppers etc) and place chicken breast on top. Add sauce (I used 3tbsp bbq sauce for each parcel but you could use anything you liked). Double wrap, tightly, in foil.


Prepare the Dutch Oven with a greaseproof liner, and with 12 coals on the bottom and 10 on the top. Cook chicken for 20-30 minutes (use a probe thermometer to check).

Unwrap, carefully, and eat out the foil.


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