Waeco Coolfreeze CF 11 Portable Compressor car fridge – long term review.


Bought in 2016 and used for 2 years, including on The Memorial Tour and numerous weekends, this compact fridge freezer comes highly recommended. The compact size still had great storage capacity and the space inside the fridge gave a range of temperatures so that frozen things could be stored in the small freezer compartment, or left to defrost in the bottom of the fridge, while cans/drink etc could be stored at the top where it was less cool.

The shoulder strap made the fridge extremely useful for portability – more than once we simply picked up the fridge and trekked off to the beach with all our BBQ gear inside. At only 8kg, it’s really easy to carry around even when loaded with Prosecco!

It’s really easy to set the temperature and the fridge quickly chills down to the selected temperature. Specification is to deep freeze to -18, regardless of outside temperature (some coolboxes only cool down to lower-than-ambient temperature). It also stays cold for a long time after switching off  – great insulation means great efficiency (A++ rated) too.

Bottle/Cup holders make a great feature in the back of our defender, where space is an issue and a central console isn’t an option. The super slim design was a bonus and we don’t have to remove the middle seat, so we just had to pop the fridge in the back if we wanted to use that seat.

Finally, it made a great headrest for tired children at the end of a busy 3,000 mile expedition!

Sad to see this little fridge go, simply because we needed more fridge space for longer trips. One small draw-back for us is that the fridge didn’t have a mains lead, so we give this fridge 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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