Winter is coming Day 3

A rainy morning in Eindhoven, and we were on our way to Germany. After a good breakfast we managed to navigate through horrendous roadworks in Eindhoven city centre, before opening out into gorgeous countryside. Another coffee stop in Ginderich, 250px-Wesel_willibrordi_dom_chor.jpg before heading on to Hamm for a quick lunch break. Stunning views of castles and stately homes in Westphalia. Unfortunately the wet morning didn’t let up too much as the rain made some of the driving challenging to say the least. We had a few camp spots in mind as we arraigned Kassel,  and so given the inclement climate we decided to go for a quiet wooded area in Habitchswald. When the weather did break, the sunset was glorious. We met a Canadian / French couple who are also travelling to Scandanavia, and some very lovely locals (And Luna the lovely dog). 39020045_1869018816476980_499059274056466432_o

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