Day 20, Schwerin to Potsdam, via Berlin.

After finding a very secluded camp at Schloß Marquardt, in the suburbs of Potsdam, some of us braved the excellent German public transport into Berlin. €29 For a go anywhere tram, train or bus ticket for 5 people. After visiting the sights, we hoped on a train back to camp where we were able to…

Day 18 – hello Denmark.

Well, the weather hasn’t improved much, but tonight’s camp in Denmark was only slightly bettered by our lunch stop at Sweden’s Alpaca garden for coffee.  

Gävle Day 16

After a later start due to our shock absorber yesterday, we travelled up the E4 to Gävle. Some stunning scenery along the route . Beautiful camp site just outside Gävle.  

Day 15 Umeå, Sweden

Wild camping in Sweden is easier than we thought, last night’s camp by the lake was well protected from the mizzly rain that persisted for most of the day. Unfortunately, the repair on Alice’s shockabsorber that was done (not cheaply) in Finland, has already failed, so we are at Biltema, Umeå, for a new bush…

Finland to Sweden, Day 14

We are sorry to say goodnight to Finland, beautiful county, friendly people, amazing food. Just crossed the border into Sweden.