Fit an Ostrich wing to a non standard roof rack

Many awnings, particularly wing awnings are designed to fit onto flat aluminium type racks, but what if you have a different arrangement? Our preferred wing is the Big Country ostrich wing, available in the UK through Tufftrek. We have fitted these to a couple of club members trucks like this.


The most straightforward was fitting to Mike and Linda’s campulance


20161229_145248We were able to simply drill through the roof and mastic the holes then use the factory fittings to attach the awning, including the z bracket which adds the strength at the rear of the fitment.



A more complicated set up was required to engineer fitment to Mark and Chesca’s 110 fitted with a tubular roof rack.

First a length of 38 x 38 x 4.8 mm angle was fitted to the roof rack using 2 stainless awning (L) mounts from Tufftrek and 2 builders ties from B&Q. the mounts were fitted to the roof rack and tied in for extra security, then the angle fitted the full length of the roof rack.


Next the factory awning mounts were fitted by drilling through the angle  and the z bracket was fitted across the rear of the rack and tied in for security.


The awning was then fitted to the mounts in the standard way.

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